The future of banking APIs within the Nordics

The banking landscape is changing. Join us and help define the future of Banking in the Nordics and beyond.

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Software developers

Deliver great customer experiences with Nordea's APIs

Simple onboarding

Register, get access and start working all in a matter of minutes.

Developer friendly experience

Up to date API documentation, clear guidelines for test app registration, sample code and much more.

Great test environments

Safely test in our sandbox, get error notifications, API uptime, analytics and much more.


Create new business opportunities

Access to 11M customers

Register now and start consuming Nordea’s APIs to get access to the largest banking customer base in the Nordics.

Highest standards of security

We as a bank put great focus on security and compliance, making us a highly trustworthy platform.

Collaboration and partnerships

The future financial solutions will be built through collaboration and partnerships. Nordea will take an active role in shaping the banking ecosystem of tomorrow.

First instalment of APIs:


Use our Payment Initiation API to initiate payments through your app or web service for a seamless payment experience.


Use our Account Information API to access account data and provide superior services.

How will it work?

It's straightforward

Sign up

Don't worry, it’s simple and easy! You will be registered in a matter of seconds

Choose an API

You can find technical documentation for each API as well as a ‘how to’ guide.

Create your app

That’s it! You will be able to test your APIs in the sandbox environment and request access to production.

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Nordea vision

We are ready for the future of APIs

Open Banking will fundamentally shift banking in the way Internet Banking did more than a decade ago. We will see many new ways of distributing banking products. In the end this creates more choice and value for customers. Nordea will open developer services to actively collaborate with developers. Let's create future banking services for Nordea's customers together!
Jarkko Turunen
Head of Open Banking

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will shake the foundations of banking: Introducing Open APIs into banking

The PSD2’s goal is to level the playing field between FinTechs and incumbent banks, thereby throwing a traditionally slow moving sector into high-gear. Banks will be obliged to provide licensed third parties secure access to customers’ accounts, resulting in increased value for customers.

We see this as an opportunity to embrace the changing landscape

Our goal is to strengthen our collaboration with FinTechs and go beyond the regulation by providing premium APIs which fit your needs. We are looking to become the go-to hub for banking APIs in the Nordics.

How will this affect our customers?

Nordea will continue to be a relationship bank and as such we are putting our customers first. Open Banking will provide customers with various new products and services while keeping the customers firmly in control of what data they wish to expose and which products they wish to use.

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